Wow, what a ride these past few days have been...

Because of how many of you like to buy our prints as gifts, these few weeks leading up to Christmas are always super-busy.

We're not running a 'Cyber Monday' or 'Cyber Week' sale this year though.

In fact, we never have.

We figure that the people who really wanted to place an order would've done so during the past few days and we don't need 'yet another sale'.

BUT this year, during the last few hours of the sale, numerous people contacted us saying things like:

"Any chance you can extend the BF sale for me? I'm getting paid on Dec 1"


"Can you plz extend the sale until Monday? I need to move some funds around."

Don't get us wrong... during these extraordinary times with rising fuel and food prices, we're totally aware that more people than usual may be struggling financially.

So here's what we've decided to do:

If you wanted to place an order during Black Weekend - but couldn't (for whatever reason), here's one final chance for you...

And here's the good news: we're going to give you an even better deal than during Black Weekend.

BUT, there are a few important caveats:

1. Mark your calendar for Thursday, Dec 1 this week

2. Only a small selection of our most popular prints will be included in the sale

3. The sale will only run for a few short hours before we close the doors again

4. This is a private sale and you need to sign up below to be notified when it goes live. If you don't sign up, you won't hear from us.


Sign up here below to join the private sale 👇👇