Top 8 Hilarious Instagram Captions to Use in Your Posts

So you enjoy posting photos of your pup on Instagram?

Whether you just want to amuse your friends - or your goal is for your dog to become Insta famous - these 8 hilarious captions can certainly help.

A fantastic photo goes a long way. But when you combine that fantastic photo with a great caption - that is the 'holy grail' of Instagram posts.

It's when your post can suddenly go 'viral'.

if it's funny.

So, enjoy this top list of our Top 8 Hilarious Instagram Caption ideas right now.

We hope you draw some inspiration from these captions and get a good laugh :-). 


I'd love to but my dog said no.

Dog Instagram caption: I'd love to but my dog said no


I'm not spoiled. My human is just well trained.

Dog Instagram caption: I'm not spoiled. My hooman is just well trained.


I have spotted something dead. I must go roll in it.

Dog Instagram caption: I have spotted something dead. I must go roll in it.


My patience is wearing thin. I'm smiling. Take the picture!

Dog Instagram caption - smiling dog


Saw you petting the neighbor's dog. Want to tell me what that was all about?

Dog Instagram caption - angry dog

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How I sleep after doing absolutely nothing all day.

Dog Instagram caption - sleeping dog


Excuse me. But are you going to eat that?

Dog Instagram caption - hungry dog


I did the math. We can't afford the cat.

Dog Instagram caption - smart dog

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